Posted by: austronesia | November 20, 2008

Makahiki Observed in Hawai’i


Day focuses on peace, abundance, unity and conservation.

Hawai’i State Legislature, Press Release

HONOLULU – Today marks the first official State observance of Makahiki Commemoration Day, which was designated for recognition by the 2008 Hawai‘i State Legislature. It is not a state holiday.
“Makahiki was a significant time throughout Polynesia,” said Senator J. Kalani English, the principal introducer of the bill that established Makahiki Commemoration Day. “Conflict and war were set aside for the four-month Makahiki season, and unity and peace prevailed. They also let the land lay fallow as they celebrated the harvest.”

To perpetuate the ancient wisdom of land conservation, abundance, unity and peace during the four months of Makahiki, Polynesian regional governments celebrate the Makahiki season and have designated November 20th as the start of the Makahiki observance. With today’s fist official observance of Makahiki Commemoration Day, Hawai‘i joins that group.

“This brings us closer to our land, our culture, and our brothers and sister across Polynesia,” said English.
“I hope everyone will take a moment today and reflect on all of our interconnections.”Technorati Tags: , ,

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